JJ's Birthday Cakes and Cupcakes


Birthday Cakes CranbrookCelebrate a birthday with specially made cakes and cupcakes. We can make traditional bakery style cakes, cupcakes, shaped cakes, carved 3D cakes and everything in between. We do edible images, which are pictures, printed onto edible paper, using edible ink, and will produce a picture for your cake. We can do hand decorated cake details using custom colours and designs to make the perfect cake for your special birthday party.

Not interested in cake, then cupcakes are for you!  We can customize just about any theme to go on your birthday party cupcakes.  Edible images are also great for a special, unique touch to cupcakes.  Check out our gallery for birthday party cupcake ideas!

We are also able to do “pull-apart cakes”, which are cupcakes placed together like a cake, and iced on top to create a cake like shape!  Each of your guests, just pulls a cupcake from the “cake” and you don’t have to worry about the mess of cutting the cake!

We are able to provide dairy free, and gluten free alternatives for people who have special dietary needs, so remember to ask about this when placing your order. 

Our gallery has a large collection of images that you can look through for ordering inspiration, and if you need help deciding on a theme, let us know and we will work on it together with you!