JJ's Wedding Cake Sizes & Serving Guide

Weding Sizes & Serving GuideEach wedding cake is made to order on the number of guests you are having.  Please follow the serving and cutting guide that is given to you at your consultation to ensure that each guest gets a delicious piece of cake.  You know your guests best . . . do you have heavy eaters, or a group who likes to nibble?  Depending on your crowd can also influence the size of cake you will be needing.  Cake slices can vary anywhere from 1”x1” slices, all the way up to 3”x3”.  Whatever you need for your guests, we will be able to create a new combination for you! Our cakes are so good, your guests will want to eat up every piece, right down to the last crumb!

Common Circle Cake Cutting Guide

Common Square Cake Cutting Guide