JJ's Wedding Cake Storage and Delivery

Wedding Cake Storage and DeliveryStorage and delivery are two very important steps in the completion of your wedding cake.  We recommend that you use us to deliver your cake, as we are familiar with many venues in the East Kootenay region, and know what to be prepared for when transporting a wedding cake.  We will deliver your cake at the best time for your cake at your venue, which is usually about 30 minutes to one hour before your reception is set to begin.

If you choose to pick up your cake, our wedding cakes are delivered on sturdy bases, in clean boxes -free from dirt, dust and bugs.  They should be kept as cool as possible until it is time for display, and usually should not come out of the cooler before two hours ahead of your indoor event.   The venue that you are taking your cake to should be aware that you are arriving with it, and should have enough storage in a low humidity cooler for your cake.  Make sure that the cooler area is in a low traffic area, to eliminate any potential mishaps with staff.  We don’t want  your special order to end up in crumbs.

If you are picking up your cake and having an outdoor wedding, be prepared to find a cool/refrigerated location for your cake to sit until your reception.  Remember that heat and sun can do intense damage to a wedding cake.  Take the necessary precautions that are needed to make sure you do not have any accidents with the cake once it has left our hands.