JJ's Wedding Cake Tips

Wedding Cake Tips

  • Cake Table- Ensure that you (or your venue) has set aside a sturdy cake table, where your cake can be on display for your guests to see it, and you cutting it!  Wedding cakes can be surprisingly heaving, and a strong table is necessary to support its weight. 

  • Cake Cutting Knife- Make sure you have one ready to go on your cake table!  Quite often, these knives can be engraved with your wedding date, and/or your names!  They also often come with a serving knife.
  • Fabric Swatch- Ensure you have a fabric swatch ready for your cake consultation, in order for us to be able to better match your wedding colours for your cake.

  • Consider the weather- if you're having your wedding at an outdoor venue in the summer, whipped topping, and buttercream will melt in the hot summer heat. Opt for fondant covered instead and have somewhere set aside as a cool cake area.  

  • Get your groom involved- let him have his cake and eat it too!  A groom's cake is a special cake chose for, and by the groom!  Traditionally a wedding cake is white, with vanilla cake, and a groom's cake developed as a chocolate cake alternative to the white!  Let your groom choose his design and flavour for guests too!  We have made 3D grooms cakes in the shape of an iPhone before! 

  • Follow the cutting guide that is given to you at your consultation.  It is a guide to ensure that all of your guests receive a piece of your special cake.  Whether the pieces are big or small to suit your guests, the cutting guide is what we use to determine the sizing of your cake.  If you have any questions about it, please ask ahead of time…we wouldn’t want anyone to go home with an unsatisfied sweet tooth!

  • Choose delivery- We deliver wedding cakes prepared to fix any delivery mishaps, we are familiar with venues, transportation needs and are able to negotiate into tricky spots!

  • Are you planning to follow tradition and freeze the top tier of your cake for your your First Anniversary?  Make sure that you freeze your top tier by wrapping the cake in plastic wrap, (to lock in all those crumbs) then in an airtight baggie, and then wrap in aluminum foil.  This will help ward off the inevitable freezer burn that is bound to happen over the next 365 days.  If you’re not into eating old frozen cake, have us make your cake topper for your anniversary!  We offer a discount to couples that do this for their first anniversary.